Wikileaks releases video of Iraq journalist shooting

Anti-secrecy activists release video showing Reuters journalists being shot by Apache gunship, which may call into question the U.S. military's official account.

How 99 cents can help change the world

A new organization launching Tuesday aims to crowdsource millions of 99 cent gifts to fund hundreds of science and technology start-ups that could help solve the world's biggest problems.

Robotic undersea vehicle draws power from ocean

Autonomous vehicle built by NASA, U.S. Navy, and academic researchers cruises through a three-month demo, drawing all its power only from variations in sea temperatures.

Security driven by compliance, rather than protection

A new survey from Forrester shows that security is too focused on compliance and not enough on protecting valuable corporate secrets and custodial data.

Prepaid wireless outpaces contract services

More customers signed up for month-to-month wireless service than contract service in the fourth quarter of 2009, according to think tank.

Exploits not needed to attack via PDF files

Researchers devise ways to get malware onto computers, and even into clean PDF files, without exploiting any holes in the PDF reader software or using JavaScript.

Google Android growth outpacing the industry

Shipments of smartphones using Android software more than doubled over the three months between November 2009 and February 2010, ComScore says.

Androids to bring 'Surrogates' closer to reality?

Osaka University's Hiroshi Ishiguro has created a female android that's more lifelike and low-cost than earlier models. Geminoid F may find work as a receptionist.

Microsoft's mystery event revealed

The software maker is expected to use the April 12 event to announce its two consumer-oriented messaging phones targeting the uber-connected, CNET has learned.

iPad: New must-have celeb accessory?

Hollywood and tech celebrities alike are making the iPad the latest "it" device.

Roz Savage rows the ocean blue for a green cause

British adventurer has a mission: take better care of the planet. And she's crossing an ocean--blogging and tweeting all the way--to inspire others to join her.

Rowing solo across the Pacific (photos)

From crossing the equator to battling booby birds, ocean rower Roz Savage has experienced many memorable moments so far in her historic trip across the Pacific.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson steps down

Founder Kevin Rose will be taking over the reins in the interim at the social-news site, which is preparing to overhaul its service.

If you can, buy your iPad books from Amazon

Both Apple and Amazon have good readers for the iPad, but Amazon gives you more flexibility.

Why Apple's iBooks falls short of Kindle--for now

Aside from pricing and selection, Amazon's biggest advantage over Apple in the e-books arena is its Kindle app is available for more platforms.

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