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iPad apps start off pricier than iPhone apps

The initial round of iPad apps will cost more than comparable apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, say developers.

iPad sales could pass 7 million units this year

Apple could sell 7.1 million iPads this year and triple that amount by 2012, according to a forecast from market researcher iSuppli.

Solyndra auditors cast doubt over solar upstart

A financial audit casts doubt over the company's financial picture, which could make it harder for Solyndra to raise money by going public as planned.

Plants vs. Zombies for iPad gets hot and buttered

iPad owners aren't just getting a much larger version of PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies. They're getting a much fuller game--but at a premium.

Big names unveil iPad apps

Netflix, Electronic Arts, and Marvel Comics are just a few of the vendors debuting iPad apps in time for Saturday's launch of the tablet.

iPad apps rush to market (images)

A day ahead of the Apple tablets launch, the apps are coming fast and furious from Netflix, EA, Yahoo, The New York Times, and others.

Week in review: Apple's latest harvest

Apple readies the launch of its iPad tablet while rumors spread that a Verizon iPhone is in the works. Also: an online privacy overhaul.

U.S. cracks down on vehicle emissions

EPA and Department of Transportation finalize the first greenhouse gas emissions rules on automobiles and boost fuel efficiency standards.

Free NBA iPad app targets stats geeks

The first application for iPad from the NBA is free and intended to be a companion for watching the playoffs starting in a few weeks.

So you're buying an iPad...

The touch-screen tablet goes on sale Saturday morning. For those thinking about buying one, here are some details for the first sales day and beyond.

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