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Southern California Linux Expo: freedom in a service economy, and more

This evening's SCALE
blog covers Bradley Kuhn's keynote on Software as a Service, Jono
Bacon on security, Red Hat's counsel on patents, and much more (with
ample indulgence for my own opinions).

Karmic Koalas Love Eucalyptus

Mark Shuttleworth recently announced that the release of Ubuntu 9.10 will be code-named Karmic Koala. Whilst many of the developments around Ubuntu 9.10 are focused on the desktop, a significant effort is being made on the server release to bring Ubuntu into the cloud computing space. The cloud effort begins with 9.04 and the launch of a technology preview of Eucalyptus, an open sourced system for creating Amazon EC2-like clouds, on Ubuntu.

Twitscan: The Debate over "Open Core"

There's a debate over the boundaries between open source communities and the business that tend to develop around them. Hang on readership, we're trying out a new idea: Twitscan. Many of the conversations that matter in technology are happening in and around Twitter. Some of these stories will include twitter exchanges, others will just follow a thread of responses and point you to some interesting individuals and conversations that are happening, right now in the "Twitvironment". This post covers some of the recent chatter around Open Core Licensing.

Four short links: 3 Mar 2009

The problems of Creative Commons around the world, ebook futures, open source biomed research, and a new open source conference: The Case For and Against Creative Commons -- skip straight to page two, where the article talks about the places around the world where CC isn't working. "More exactly, they fear that if you try to convert artists to CC...

Vivek Kundra: Federal CIO in His Own Words

This article contains several audio excerpts and transcripts from Vivek Kundra's first conference call as the newly appointed Federal CIO. After weeks of speculation it was formally announced today that President Obama has appointed Kundra, who had previously been serving as the CTO for Washington D.C..

Four short links: 9 Mar 2009

Hardware, open source, and AI today: Geek Tour China 2009 -- how did I miss this? Bunnie Huang has led a tour of China manufacturing for hardware hacking geeks. Read the blog posts from participants: here, here, here, here, and here. Just go ahead and add these bloggers to your feed reader: sweet sweet candy they post. My favourite: American...

Four short links: 13 Mar 2009

Museums, Labs, Businesses, and Hash--all in today's four short links: Shelley Bernstein Talks About the Brooklyn Museum at the National Library of New Zealand (Paul Reynolds) -- I've written about Shelley's work before. Brooklyn [Museum] is not about using social media as just another marketing and visitor experience tool-set. Rather, as Bernstein said last night, Brooklyn Museum itself is now...

Croudscribing: Can the free software community create a book in two days?

Next weekend, March 21-22, in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
the Free Software Foundation
FLOSS Manuals
are coordinating volunteers to
write a
book about the command line
in two days.

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