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Teens abuse, find comfort in anonymity on Formspring.me

Teenagers are flocking to Formspring.me, a social media tool that allows users to anonymously ask questions for others to publicly answer.

We have an iPad and that's no April Fool's

This is not an April Fool's Day joke: we have the iPad two days before launch. Plus, eBay rolls out a new fashion site, and Google changes its name to Topeka for a day.

Think's electric cars to roll into New York

Highway-legal electric cars from the Norwegian start-up will go on sale in the U.S. first in the New York area due to local government support, company says.

Hulu's profitable but direction still uncertain

Hulu posts two profitable quarters and last year saw $100 million in revenue. But lots of questions about Comcast's role, pay walls, and some unhappy content partners.

Hulu's profitable, but direction still uncertain

Video site posts two profitable quarters and raked in $100 million last year. But questions remain about Comcast's role, pay walls, and unhappy content partners.

Facebook lands former Bebo CEO

Joanna Shields, who is also an ex-Googler, will run Facebook's sales team for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Apple iPad unveiled live

CNET's Natali del Conte shows off the much-anticipated Apple iPad live on CBS' Early Show.

Which e-readers will the iPad crush?

With Apple's release of the iPad, several new e-readers will probably be rendered obsolete. Check out our list of e-readers in jeopardy.

Netflix has quick fix for possible mail troubles

No Saturday mail delivery? There'd still be plenty of other days left to receive DVDs. Netflix can also use postage savings to acquire more streaming content.

A people's view of Mars (images)

NASA releases some of the shots that resulted when it handed over the controls of its HiRise camera and let the general public choose its Martian targets.

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