words 0.31

words is software for improving your English vocabulary. It can useful when preparing for the GRE, GMAT, SAT, or any other vocabulary intensive examination.Changes: Code cleanup was done. A splash screen was added to notify the user that the program is being loaded. However, the splash screen can't be displayed (unless using Java 1.6) before the JVM and Jython are loaded, and they take quite a while to load. Hangman starts up with less flicker.
Tags: English, vocabulary
Licenses: GPL

Sugar 0.81

Sugar is an advanced template engine for PHP.
It allows for very expressive macros and
flexibility and makes the writing of safe and
secure templates easy.Changes: Documentation was improved. Smarty-style modifiers and block close tags were added. The project was renamed for licensing reasons. Object method invocation control was added for enhanced template security.
Tags: Internet, Web, Dynamic Content, CGI Tools/Libraries, Text Processing, Markup, XML, HTML/XHTML, Software Development, Interpreters, General, Libraries, php classes
Licenses: BSD Revised

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