Congressman's island-capsizing query goes viral on YouTube

Rep. Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat, asked if adding a few thousand people to Guam would make the island "become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize." And then the video appeared online.

Google: Not all geeks are created equal

The Internet giant is awash with geeks, yet somehow manages to write consumer-friendly software. What's its secret?

Microsoft's busy day at the courthouse

The software maker loses its effort for a full appeals court review in the i4i Word injunction case; meanwhile Redmond files suits of its own against Datel over an Xbox 360 controller.

iPad apps goes live in App Store

In advance of the iPad's launch Saturday, there are new apps to go with it.

Geeky in-jokes dominate April Fools' Day 2010

Fake movie trailers, Tiger Woods as a Microsoft spokesman, and inflatable laptops are among the spoof news stories to emerge on the Web for April Fools' Day.

Six April Fools' Day launches that were real

April Fools' Day tends to bring out the shenanigans in companies big and small. But every once in a while there are some real product launches amidst the jokes.

Appeals court rules in eBay's favor

The auction site received a favorable ruling in the longstanding suit brought on by Tiffany & Co. over the sale of counterfeit goods.

Microsoft plans Windows Summit for May

Redmond says the conference is aimed at those needing a kick-start creating products for Windows 7. It won't be the place where Microsoft talks about the future of its desktop operating system.

Report: FTC eyed Google, Amazon director Doerr

Last year's inquiries into overlapping roles between Google and Apple directors haven't gone away. The government reportedly has examined the dual roles held by John Doerr at Google and Amazon.

Touch-screen phones have the edge, surveys show

Owners of cell phones with touch screens are happier with their devices than are those who use physical keyboards and other input methods on their phones, says J.D. Power.

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