Compuware launches new evolution of Vantage management tool

Compuware has refreshed one of its flagship products after launching a major new version of its Vantage management tool.

OSCON 2009 Highlights

OSCON 2009 is just around the corner, this year in San Jose, California. When I spoke at the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group last night, they asked me for a few highlights. It's tough to pick from over 200 sessions, all the best-of-the-best out of 800 submissions (and there were at least 100 more I wish I could have fit...

Google releases Linux, Mac versions of Chrome browser

The Google team yesterday announced the release of Linux and Mac OS X versions of its Chrome browser.

Jumping Bean releases updated version of OpenBill

OpenBill 1.2, a Java-based invoicing and contract management application, has been released by South African developer Jumping Bean. The new release includes both a number of bugfixes as well as a few key feature additions.

Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS get new mags

Fans of PCLinuxOS and Ubuntu have some reading ahead of them. The two teams behind the Ubuntu Full Circle and PCLinuxOS magazine have released new editions of the popular community magazines.

MySQL faster, better, and still unified: notes about Sun, Monty Widenius, Percona, and Drizzle

It might have seemed last week, with the announcement of the
Open Database Alliance,
that MySQL is forking. The ODA promises a "central clearinghouse for
MySQL development" and claims to improve on areas where criticism has
historically been aimed at MySQL AB/Sun: bug-fixing, performance, and
community responsiveness. But what's going on behind the scenes is
much more subtle and promises a much better outcome for MySQL.

Four short links: 20 May 2009 - Cognitive Surplus, Data Centers=Mainframes, Django Microframework, and a Visit To The Future

Distributed Proofreaders Celebrates 15000th Title Posted To Project Gutenberg -- a great use of our collective intelligence and cognitive surplus. If I say one more Clay Shirkyism, someone's gonna call BINGO. (via timoreilly on Twitter) Datacenter is the New Mainframe (Greg Linden) -- wrapup of a Google paper that looks at datacenters in the terms of mainframes: time-sharing, scheduling,...

Four short links: 19 May 2009 - Recession Map, Gaming Psychology, Charging For Unwanted Content, and Two Great Projects

Economic Stress Map Outlines Recession's Stories (AP) -- The Stress Index synthesizes three complex sets of ever-evolving data. By factoring in monthly numbers for foreclosure, bankruptcy and most painfully unemployment, the AP has assembled a numeral that reflects the comparative pain each American county is feeling during these dark economic days. Fascinating view of the country, and I wish...

Results from Wolfram Alpha: All the Questions We Ever Wanted to Ask About Software as a Service

Software as a Service, known in earlier decades as Application Service
Providers, upends the relationship between computer users and
software. I'm seriously tempted to say that Wolfram Alpha takes the
SaaS model to its extreme. So Wolfram Alpha's chances at scaling the
heights of fame should force us to stop for a moment and run our own
calculations concerning the value to us of data integrity,
reliability, privacy, and innovation.

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