Trick Gmail into thinking you're on an iPad for two-pane goodness

Want to try out Gmail's two-pane view but don't have an iPad? A simple user agent switch can get you there. But the new view might not be worth the hassle.

First impressions of iPad as a productivity device

Apple's iPad is coming tomorrow and one of the uses of the device will be its capability to get work done on the go or at home.

Spurned, Adobe touts iPad apps using AIR, Flash

Doing its best to counter Apple's Flash-bashing rhetoric, Adobe shows off iPhone and iPad apps using the technology.

New York Times prominent among media iPad apps

The New York Times iPad app, featuring news, opinion, and feature articles, was early out the gate, but others have joined the race.

Apple's biggest fan? Maybe not

Greg Packer says he loves Apple products but has a reputation for being a publicity hound. He will likely be first to own an iPad, but that may not be what he's after.

Whole Foods working to curb Facebook-based scam

Fake "fan pages" claiming to offer Whole Foods gift cards actually lead to a form that steals personal information, the grocery chain is warning consumers.

GTA accounts for half of all DS M-rated revenue?

Take-Two CEO Ben Feder says Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars accounts for half of all DS mature-game revenue. But that might not be saying much.

April Fools', or does iPad have a time-travel app?

Some people tracking their iPad shipments might see them travel back in time a little.

iBooks app now available on iTunes store

Numerous big-name app developers are announcing titles for the iPad, and Apple has made its much-advertised iBooks application available in the iTunes App Store, which will allow iPad owners to access and organize thousands of e-book titles.

Microsoft offering Windows 7 upgrade deals

Limited-time offer is for those wanting to move to higher-end Windows 7 versions, say starter to home premium, or home premium to professional.

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