Tech coalition to Obama: Set home energy info free

A Google-led group of companies says that making electricity data accessible to consumers will "unleash tech innovation," save people money, and help preserve the environment.

3D TV has arrived, but glitches remain

3D TVs have hit the market and the content for 3D is slowly growing. But it's still in its early days and mass market consumers may want to wait for the kinks to be worked out.

Making the real-time Web relevant

With an explosion in tweets, blogs, and other instantly published content flooding the Web, search engines are scrambling to organize information that's happening right now.

With iPads in the wild, buyers react

As new iPad owners get a chance to try out their new device, their reactions are beginning to trickle in.

Reasons people gave for buying the iPad

Some buyers offer compelling reasons for buying the iPad, while some don't.

Report: Apple adds engineers for new chip design

Apple is reportedly adding engineers from Intrinsity, a company that designed a high-speed ARM processor with Samsung.

Did Steve Wozniak get a two-hour iPad start?

According to a CNET reader, Steve Wozniak got up early, mounted his Segway and picked up his iPads two hours before the 9 a.m. Saturday deadline.

Analyst estimates 700,000 iPads sold Saturday

Analyst revises sales estimates, more than doubling the number of tablets he expects Apple to sell the first day it was available.

Astronauts play stars in NASA mission 'movie' posters (photos)

NASA and Kennedy Space Center's graphics department create cool, kitschy space shuttle mission posters.

WonderCon 2010 draws in S.F. (photos)

WonderCon, the comic book convention classic, comes to San Francisco in all its graphics glory.

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