Researchers find security holes in smart meters

Utilities hire a security researcher who finds a number of vulnerabilities in smart meters which could allow a criminal to remotely control a meter.

Coal fuels much of the cloud, Greenpeace says

The growth of cloud computing--and the massive server farms behind it--are creating an all-too-real cloud of pollution.

Pentax reshapes medium-format camera future

Don't expect Canon and Nikon to flinch, but Pentax's forthcoming 645D medium-format digital camera could change Pentax's fortunes.

'Shop to Lose'--grocery shopping for dummies

Evincii launches its second PICKKA app for health and wellness, this one guiding users through grocery shopping to better meet specific health and dietary needs.

Webs taps Facebook Connect for log-ins, sharing

Site builder Webs has just added Facebook Connect, which will let its site creators and visitors share content back to Facebook.

Playing it safe with two networks

Cryptography Research avoids serious consequences from computer attacks by having employees do Web surfing and e-mail on one network and sensitive work on another network that is not connected to the Internet.

Report: Former iPod chief leaves Apple

Tony Fadell, one of the fathers of the iPod and iPhone, is formerly severing ties with Apple after nine years at the company, according to a New York Times report.

Tech coalition pushes major rewrite of online privacy law

It's time to fix an antiquated 1986 privacy law that fails to protect cloud computing services and the privacy of Americans' mobile devices, a broad coalition including Google, Microsoft, and liberal and conservative groups will announce, CNET has learned.

File transfers come to iGoogle, Orkut; Gmail's next

Google Talk is finally getting a feature it's been missing since launch: file transfers. The feature could even be making it to Gmail soon.

Engineer breaks Rock Band 2 world record

A civil engineering student at the University of Texas shatters the Rock Band 2 world record with over 14 million points.

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