Rowing solo across the Pacific (photos)

From crossing the equator to battling booby birds, ocean rower Roz Savage has experienced many memorable moments so far in her historic trip across the Pacific.

Roz Savage rows the ocean blue for a green cause

British adventurer has a mission: take better care of the planet. And she's crossing an ocean--blogging and tweeting all the way--to inspire others to join her.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson steps down

Founder Kevin Rose will be taking over the reins in the interim at the social-news site, which is preparing to overhaul its service.

If you can, buy your iPad books from Amazon

Both Apple and Amazon have good readers for the iPad, but Amazon gives you more flexibility.

Why Apple's iBooks falls short of Kindle--for now

Aside from pricing and selection, Amazon's biggest advantage over Apple in the e-books arena is its Kindle app is available for more platforms.

Apple's iPad: A beginning, not end, to innovation

Some decry the iPad as an innovation-killer, but this neglects its role in inspiring others to innovate.

Outlook good for venture-backed exits and IPOs

New data suggests that venture-backed start-ups have good prospects to being acquired or filing for an IPO at high valuations in 2010.

iPad reportedly overheating in the sun

Several iPad owners are reporting that their iPads have been overheating--and shutting down--after spending as little as ten minutes in the sun. How big an issue is this?

Survey: Most iPad owners have Macs, iPhones

Piper Jaffray surveyed iPad buyers on Saturday about the products they own and what they plan to do with Apple's new tablet. The results are telling.

iPad included in patent infringement suit

EMG Technology accused Apple of infringing on a patent it owns on zooming and scrolling on a mobile Web browser. Now the iPad has been added to the suit.

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