Thingamablog - Standalone Desktop Blogging

ThingamablogThingamablog is a free multi-platform application that stands alone and helps to make authoring and publishing weblogs very easy. Like with many other solutions, a blogging post from a third party, a web host that is cgi/php enabled or a MySQl database is not required of Thingamablog. All that you need to do to start, manage and blog is SFTP, FTP or web server network access. Thingamablog is also a FTP client for when you are ready to update or publish your blog. This software is easy enough for anyone to use, but at that same time sophisticated enough for more experienced bloggers to appreciate.

This software has been created to download quickly (less than 4MG for the recent version 1.0.6.) in Windows, Linux, Zip format or source code. Since thingamablog is coded in Java, you will need to have Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 installed. After the Java has been installed, simply download the package you prefer, extract it and install by following your operation system’s requirements.

Basic features of thingamablog include multiple blogging, the ability to manage several blogs at one time, templates that can be customized as well as find, delete and the edit functions. Other features that many users enjoy with this application include spell-checker, defined template tags for added users, entries and templates on local machine and the one-button upload that takes you to a website.

  • A great blog maker for a website.
  • Simple and straightforward.
  • Easy to set up within minutes. No script configuration to work with or server-side databases.
  • Great product for a dialup connection.
  • Creates static pages. The articles or post are generated at the very time you edit or create them.
  • Able to import templates.
  • You are allowed to create and have multiple blogs.
  • Easy to manage thousands of entries.
  • An entry can be saved as a draft.
  • Entries can be written offline.
  • Differently styled custom templates available.
  • Entries can be organized by date or category.
  • Creates RSS News Feeds for your site and individual news feeds for each one of your categories.

  • The initial setup of the program can be very tricky.
  • Java has to first be installed.
  • Cannot change the URLS of the articles entry page.
  • Not able to disable the section of archives. There is no way to change the program so individual archive pages are disabled. 
  • There is no place for visitors to leave comments because files are not rewritable.

Thingamablog is not an interface where you create posts for your blog remotely, like other interfaces. This software actually manages your blog by controlling all codes and scripts. It is like an alternative to wordpress. You create everything while you are offline and synchronize it with the remote server.

Having a blog on a personal website can sometimes be difficult because there is a database to take care off. Thingamablog is a solution to this as it keeps information stored on a local computer and then publishes or updates them as needed. This program has been written in Java so it should run on any system that has the Java Routine Environment on it. Creating a post is very easy and the toolbar has all the formatting tools that may be needed.

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